The PIWD Board of Directors annually reviews its operations budget and, as necessary, makes modest adjustment to customer rates in order to meet the needs of the district for general operations, system maintenance or necessary upgrades.

Current PIWD List of Rates and Charges

In addition, thanks to the dedication of the motivated men and women who have served on the Board over current and past years, the many investigations and activities undertaken to provide structure and direction to the PIWD are generally (although incompletely) captured in the many  milestones achieved. 

District milestones:  

System Upgrades: Narragansett Ave and Army Camp Well (2015)
Emergency Response Plan and Vulnerability Assessment (2015)
‘Big Blue’ Water Storage Tank Inspection and Cleaning (2015)
Geophysical Surveys to ID Potential New Water Source (2014)
PIWD Water System Maps (2014)
Secured through U.S. HUD:  Community Development Block Grant (2014)
Borehole Video Inspection of Indian Springs Wells #1 and #4 (2013)
Bedrock Mapping Inv. for Groundwater Exploration, Prudence Island, RI (2013)
Secured from USDA:  Rural Utilities Grant/Loan (2013)
Secured from USDA:  Predevelopment Planning Grant (2013)
Preliminary Engineering Report: PIWD Various Water System Projects (2013)
Environmental Report: PIWD Various Water System Projects (2013)
Engineering Evaluation and Facility Capital Improvement Plan (2012)
ASRWWA Income Survey of Year-round Customers (2012)
Development and Adoption of PIWD District By-Laws (2009)
Acquisition of PIUC Assets (2008)
Preliminary Engineering Report: PIWD Treatment Facility (2006)
Environmental Report: PIWD Treatment Facility (2006)
Initiation of Stream Flow and Groundwater Level monitoring (2006)

District Charter (2004)



Prudence Island Water District, PO Box 93, Prudence Island, RI 02872 / 401-683-0011 /
Prudence Island Water District is an equal opportunity provider and employer.